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  • Posted : July 1, 2021 -Accepting applications
  • Salary: £18.00 - £22.00 / Hour
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Job Description

Medical Receptionist Required in London

We are searching for a quiet, cordial and supportive individual with GP gathering experience to join our bustling gathering group.

Hours required

  • Wednesday – Friday 9.00am – 6.30pm

Key Responsibilities and Duties


  1. To create and keep up with exact patient record frameworks, both manual and mechanized, including development of records and documenting of correspondence.
  2. To share duty regarding the organization related with gathering including booking administrations, references, reaching patients and whatever other sensible obligations that may emerge.
  3. To be liable for the stocking of GP’s rooms with fixed, both clinical and authoritative.
  4. Approaching post is opened, date stepped and circulated properly and that the active post is sent each day.
  5. Ensure all quiet assignments are finished in a convenient way
  6. To take lead on LCS prompts on Emis – Training Provided


  1. To handle all approaching and cordial calls, guaranteeing that guests are addressed graciously, quickly and unmistakably and that exact messages are constantly passed to the proper individual.
  2. To get and guide patients and guests to the Practice speedily and affably, guaranteeing that precise data is provided.


  1. To handle arrangement demands from patients by phone and face to face and exact setting up for Emis PC framework.


  1. Enrollment of new patients, PC information section and clinical records.
  2. Interaction change of address and other data.
  3. To handle rehash solution demands in accordance with Practice strategy.

Different Tasks

  1. To be dependable, for the opening and shutting of the work on, guaranteeing the security of the premises is kept up with.
  2. To know about, and to hold fast to, the Practice approaches on secrecy, divulgence of data and recording frameworks, both manual and electronic.
  3. To know about the Practice theory and approach patients and guests with deference and resistance consistently.
  4. To guarantee that gathering and holding up regions are constantly kept clean, loaded properly and liberated from dangers as per Practice strategy and Health and Safety Procedure.
  5. To give cover to missing associates and to work deftly as indicated by the necessities of the Practice.
  6. To distinguish, along with the Practice Manager, any close to home preparing needs and to be ready to attempt any significant instructional classes when important.
  7. Some other obligations, proper to the post, as needed by the Management.

Practice Meetings

To join in, at every possible opportunity, all managerial gatherings held at the Practice.


Over the span of looking for treatment, patients depend us with, or permit us to assemble, delicate data comparable to their wellbeing and different issue. They do as such in certainty and reserve the privilege to expect that staff will regard their security and act properly.

In the presentation of the obligations laid out in this Job Description, the post-holder may approach classified data identifying with patients and their carers, practice staff and other medical care laborers. They may likewise approach data identifying with the training as a business association. All such data from any source is to be viewed as stringently classified.

Data identifying with patients, carers, partners, other medical care laborers or the matter of the training may just be revealed to approved people as per the training strategies and systems identifying with privacy and the security of individual and delicate information.

Wellbeing and Safety

To know about the duty set on you under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and guarantee that concurred wellbeing techniques are completed to keep a protected climate for representatives, patients and guests.

To include:

Utilizing individual security frameworks inside the work environment as indicated by training rules

Distinguishing the dangers implied in work exercises and undertaking such exercises in a manner that deals with those dangers

Utilizing preparing to refresh information and abilities

Utilizing suitable disease control systems, keeping up with work regions in a clean and safe manner and liberated from perils

Announcing potential dangers distinguished.

Equivalent Opportunities

The post-holder will uphold the fairness, variety and privileges of patients, carers and associates, to include:

Acting in a manner that perceives the significance of individuals’ privileges, deciphering them in a way that is predictable with training methods and strategies, and current enactment

Regarding the security, pride, necessities and convictions of patients, carers and partners

Acting in a way which is inviting to and of the individual, is non-critical and regards their conditions, sentiments needs and rights.

Individual/Professional Development

The post-holder will take an interest in any preparation program carried out by the Practice as a component of this work, such preparing to include:

Investment in a yearly individual execution audit, including assuming liability for keeping a record of own and additionally proficient turn of events

Assuming liability for own turn of events, acquiring and execution and showing abilities and exercises to other people who are embraced comparable work.


The post-holder will endeavor to keep up with quality inside the training, and will:

Alert other colleagues to issues of value and hazard

Evaluate own exhibition and take responsibility for own activities, either straightforwardly or under oversight

Add to the adequacy of the group by thinking about own and group exercises and making ideas on approaches to improve and upgrade the group’s exhibition

Work adequately with people in different offices to address patients issues

Adequately deal with own time, responsibility and assets.


  • The post-holder ought to perceive the significance of compelling correspondence inside the group and will endeavor to:
  • Discuss viably with other colleagues
  • Discuss successfully with patients and carers
  • Perceive individuals’ requirements for elective strategies for correspondence and react appropriately.
  • Commitment to the Implementation of Services

The post-holder will:

  • Apply practice strategies, principles and direction
  • Talk about with different individuals from the group how the arrangements, principles and rules will influence own work
  • Take an interest in review where proper.
  • Low maintenance hours: 25.5 each week

Required skills