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Top 14 Best paying jobs in London

Here is the complete list of the Best Paying Jobs in London. We know you are trying hard to find a good job for you in this situation. Here at the Ideal Jobs, we can help you to choose your best career path by assessing the best paying job for you according to your skills and education.

01. Attorney

There is no doubt, attorneys are the best highest paid workers in London. Solicitors and attorneys are in high demand in London now a days because of the changing situation of the real estate market and the jobs security. If you have a law degree in your hand, then you must try your luck to get the highest best paying job in London as an attorney or solicitor.

According to a rough idea, an Attorney could earn up to 2500 GBP every week by working for 5 hours a day.

02. Company Director Best Paying Jobs in London

According to our data, the company directors are at the 2nd position among the highest best paying jobs in London. In fact company directors and CEOs are the core individuals to handle the company operations. Director is the responsible to run the company and get the profit. If you have a good degree and experience to handle the operations in the tense environment, then this job role is for you.

According to our data, Company directors earn 2000 – 2300 GBP per week with a lot of incentives.

03. Doctors and Health Workers

In the current scenario of the pandemic, the Doctors are at 3rd position among the highly best paying jobs in London. Because of this health department situation, the load of patients are very much. Due to the highly rising demand of the doctors, they are paying much better than the past. The good news is here that you can join NHS even you don’t have  a doctor degree. According to Statistia the average salary;

 Statistia data shows that Doctors are earning 1500 – 2200 GBP for a week in 2021.

04. Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists are always in demand to grow the businesses. They attract new customers, and make sales and this is the reason to place them in the 4th position among the Best Paying Jobs in London. If your personality is  versatile, it can give you a highly rewarding and promising career. By working as a Marketing Specialist Jobs in London you can work in different industries. Jobs in marketing include the following

  1. Graphic design
  2. Web developers
  3. Copy writers
  4. Marketing directors
  5. PR specialists

Salaries can go beyond £92,000 a year and you can do this job remotely as well

05. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are in high demand in London, because of the business is turning the operations from physical to online. Graphic designers are responsible to design the advertisements of the company causes and web pages of their websites.

Because of the Corona Virus pandemic, many business started their operations remotely so the demand of Graphic Designers has been increased suddenly.

The average pay for the Graphic Designers are 95,000 GBP per annum.

06. Aircraft Controller

Air Traffic Controllers are answerable for the security of thousands of individuals consistently. Airplane Controllers take care of a plane in the ascension, drop and on the way period of its flight. We put the aircraft controller job role at the 6th number in best paying jobs in London. They are liable for guaranteeing that their airspace is clear and safe for the airplanes to fly through.

In the event that you are considering turning into an air traffic regulator you should be a solid chief, profoundly dependable and have incredible meticulousness.

Pay rates can go over £90,000 per year for senior individuals.

07. Analysts

Experts in analysis are needed in various organizations. There are information examiners, criminal insight experts, monetary investigators, business investigators and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Investigators research their subject of revenue and distinguish any dangers to foster thoughts for working on the business. They are issue solvers and have extraordinary tender loving care.

Pay for the analysts experts can run up to £80,000.

08. Accountants/Bookkeepers Best Paying Jobs in London 2021

Bookkeepers are profoundly pursued and some large organizations will have a group of bookkeepers to complete their monetary checks and reports. You should be certain with numbers and train as a contracted bookkeeper before you can move to senior bookkeeping positions.

The normal compensation for a bookkeeper is £75,000 each year.

09. Software Engineers

Software engineers lies at the 9th position in best paying jobs in London.  Computer programmers, create and test programming to help the capacity of the organization they work at. They use coding and programming dialects to test another framework and check the security and dependability of their product.

Compensations can go up to £70,000 per year.

10. Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Enrollment Consultants work intimately with candidates and organizations to coordinate with individuals up to their fantasy work. You should have fantastic relational abilities and be sure about managing individuals with differing encounters.

The work is additionally supported by commission and can acquire up to £60,000 with experience

11. Aircraft Pilot and Engineers

These days planes are a typical mean of going from one spot to another. The UK has quite possibly the most evolved aeronautical frameworks as far as the broad organization of carriers and of its advanced foundation. Additionally, the UK aeronautical designing industry is exceptionally evolved and designs are truly necessary to regularly check the airplanes’ upkeep.

Albeit working in this industry is hard on the grounds that you’re liable for the existences of numerous individuals, in addition to there are severe timetables you need to meet in the regular schedule, it is absolutely worth-chasing vocation with respect to the monetary benefits. In light of true computation airplane pilots and flight engineers acquire on normal £1,491.

Flight Engineers are at the 11th position in best paying jobs in London because of this pandemic. Flight engineers should essentially have a Bachelor’s certificate in Aeronautical Engineering and pertinent experience to get employed, while Aircraft Pilots should require particular instruction for pilots and a specific number of long periods of flying practice to get a permit.

12. Sales Directors

Promoting procedures are vital for organizations to broaden and keep up with their renown on the lookout. Consequently, the people who have the expert abilities to plan and put together promoting efforts and work with deals are genuinely necessary.

Ensuing to their significance in an organization, Marketing and Sales Directors make into the rundown of the most generously compensated positions in UK.

13. IT and telecommunication Directors

Only a couple years prior, there were not very numerous individuals who accepted that these experts will at any point get this much paid and required in the work market. Today it is difficult to come by whatever other calling which has such high employ-ability and turns out a particularly alluring revenue.

PCs are utilized in each kind of organization or association, in this manner meaning high employ-ability. Data Technology and Telecommunication Directors are accountable for setting up and keeping up with the normal PC framework in an organization and routinely help representatives if necessary. On the off chance that you at any point land this position in UK you can hope to procure around £1,380 each week. IT professionals are at the 13th number among the best paying jobs in London list.

14. Brokers as Best Paying Jobs in London

Brokers or Representatives go about as an outsider between two people or organizations who are occupied with a typical exchanging the same relationship and charge commission expenses for their administrations.

Specialists are among the most generously compensated positions. In light of true computations, a dealer in UK procures around £1,250 each week.

To begin a profession as a securities exchange merchant a four year college education in business-related subjects is fundamental, however a higher capability is energetically suggested.

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